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GREETINGS    from Representative Directer


"Spinning the bounty of nature"

Since its establishment in 1947, Asahi Woolen Spinning Co., Ltd. has been "spinning company" mainly from natural animal fibers such as wool, cashmere, camel, and alpaca.
We are constantly examining raw materials and exploring production processes in order to maximize the texture and quality that our customers, wool fabric manufacturers, are seeking in their final products.


It is not just a matter of using natural fibers.
We believe that the most important work in "spinning" yarn from natural hair is the "discernment and selection" of the raw wool.
From the perspective that no two yarns are the same because they are natural, we first accurately evaluate the characteristics and differences of each lot, even if they are of the same type, and then use the right yarn for the right purpose. By doing so, we can stabilize the texture and quality of the product and bring out the best in it.


As in "spinning nature's bounty," we spin the bounty given to us by nature into yarns and textiles, making the best use of the characteristics of each, so that people can use them gratefully. We are proud of our role as a bridge between the two.

Based on the knowledge and experience of natural fibers that we have cultivated over the past 70 years, we aim to become a new "yarn spinning factory" of the 21st century that will give our customers more trust and satisfaction.



<Brief Biography

1957  Born in Osaka , Japan

1976  Graduated from Shinshu National

            University faculty of textile engineering

1976  Enterd Asahi Keito Boseki.Co.Ltd

1986  Board member's assumption of company

1989  Representative director of company





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