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Greetings    from Representative Directer


「Spinning natural blessing」


Asahi Keito Boseki,Co.,Ltd was founded in 1947.

Since then we product spinning natural yarn such as Wool,Cashmer,Camel,Alpaca etc... 

To meet the customer`s demands, examining & improving taste&quality day after day.  


It is not whatever good,the most important thing is judgement & sorting.

"Natural" means the same one does not exist  with two.

Therefore even same item number must evaluate characteristics and differences.

Then use the right materials in the right products.

I consider this is the best way to lead to a stabilized quality also extract best value of materials.


Understanding each of characteristics then spinning blessings of nature.  People using the woven stuff made from our yarn.

We believe in other words we play a role like a bridge between a nature and the market.


Based on knowledge and experience which have been cultivated throughout 70years history ,we strive to further improve the quality and gain customer`s satisfaction and reliance.






1957  Born in Osaka , Japan

1976  Graduated from Shinshu National

            University faculty of textile engineering

1976  Enterd Asahi Keito Boseki.Co.Ltd

1986  Board member's assumption of company

1989  Representative director of company


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