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Starting a retail sale of Yarn.


We starting a retail sale of the low count woolen yarn (weaving thread).

It is our original, using selected animal hair (cashmere, camel, alpaca) and silk.


Please see an attached reference menu.  (Jump to the PDF page from "References button"below)



It also suits Handcrafted items & Knitting items.

                                       2014.APR.24th  Shinya Nishide


Australia,NewZealand  Business trip

2014.JAN.13th - 24th


Business trip to New Zealand & Australia for wool research & study.

It has been 13years since I left NZ last time.

Visiting Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne in 12days.


It was great opportunity to know the present wool industry circumstances.

Also gained valuable experience from these countries.


2014.MAR.25th  Shinya Nishide

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