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1,Sample material inspection

Before buying examine mixture ratio,fineness,fiber length in advance.Then contract only materials that adapting to our internal standards.

2、After spot check,Arriving

After arriving,examine at public organization. Warehousing only materials that passed our internal standards.

3、Mixing&Cotton mixing

According to each order mixing materials optimumly and lubricating with oil. Then preliminary carding with blender machine.

4、Roving process

Through the carding machine carding thickened mass of row hair. Combing out with needle belt rubbing roll then make slivers.

5、Spinning Process

Uniformly stretching and twisting Slivers(Carding thread).

Ring spinning is relatively suitable for thickness materials.  Mule spinning is relatively suitable for thin materials.


Through the yarn clearer detects a yarn defect in the travelling spun yarn and Joinning thread.

Winding up yarn with paper tube.


Testing various kinds of articles such as Yarn count, Count of twist, Strength and Ductility.


According to customer`s request testing at the official organization.

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